Birch sap, rich in trace elements

In our everyday food, whether organic or not, we always find the ravages produced by aluminum. The only antidote remains the natural organic silicon which is found in raw fresh vegetables and fruits but also in unpasteurized birch sap. The remineralizing effect of the latter but also its action on cartilage and pain in the joints while cleaning all the organs is no longer to be criticized.

The benefits of birch sap

Birch water acts favorably on the organism. Not only, it remineralizes it but it also drains all the organs such as the liver or the kidneys. It is very rich in anti-oxidants and allows good use of oxygen. This water helps our body to get rid of toxins entirely and restores radiance to our skin. It also promotes the reduction of eczema and psoriasis and in some cases even manages to make them disappear entirely just like in jacuzzi bathtubs.

The sap works particularly on cholesterol levels whether they are good or bad. It considerably reduces excess uric acid, edemas and dislodges old fatty deposits. It helps the hair to regain its shine and fights against asthenia, lack of appetite, constipation while allowing a great spring cleaning while reviving the body.

What it contains

Birch water contains trace elements such as copper, iron, zinc and manganese without forgetting mucilage, plant hormones, flavonoids, 17 amino acids, cytosines, sugars in the form of fructose, two heterosides including Monotropitoside and Betuloside without forgetting the large varieties of antioxidants. But the most important is its natural organic silicon content. Indeed, according to a British study, aluminum is largely responsible for several cancers but also for the diffusion of these in the body in the form of metastases. So that the cure of fresh birch sap is then the best antidote against the latter.

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